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Hours of Operation:  BY APPOINTMENT ONLY

(Advance scheduling is needed and appreciated!)



Everyone should be aware that the following DOES happen.  It is just ONE of the many reasons why putting an ad out there for any free dog, cat, kitten, puppy is NOT a good idea.  This is also a reminder to provide adequate shelter and protection for our pets:

Quote from a dog fighter:  "The hardest thing to get is enough dogs and cats to use as bait during training.  One good source is to check the local newspapers for ads that offer a pet dog or cat for free.  My wife dresses up neatly and collects them for me.  If that source is running dry I just hire some local gang kids to fetch me dogs and cats.  They scour the back yards and alleys and take whatever number of animals we need.  They make sure that they leave the doors or gates open so people just believe that they left them open by accident and that's how their animals got out and got lost." 




  "Saving one dog will not change the world, but it will surely change the world for that one dog forever!" 





Read Pharaoh's bio on our "Dogs for Adoption" Page.

 For those who love "senior" dogs, this stately fellow is a true gem!!!




We have a tiny Chihuahua who will go ONLY to a household perfect for her -- So, if interested, please read this entire bio before emailing.  This dog has special needs, so if a pocket- or purse-pooch or another type of breathing-fashion-accessory is the desired goal, PLEASE DON'T CONTACT US ABOUT THIS LITTLE GIRL!!  She was not given housetraining direction as a puppy and is NOT housetrained.  She also has -- as do many little fellows -- an open fontanelle (unfused skull bone/"soft spot").  In fact, with Chihuahuas, an open fontanelle or "molera" is common enough to be considered, by some, a breed characteristic.  However, for this reason and because of her size, she is quite delicate. She MUST go to a low-key household with no children -- preferably no other pets. Tiny size also enables her to easily get out of enclosures or into not-so-easy-to-detect household dangers. Prospective owner should have patience, experience with tiny dogs and a big, big heart!

Snippet is 4 years old and 2.5 lbs.  She is nicely proportioned and healthy. She is current on shots, heartworm negative, spayed and received a dental last summer.  Despite her size, Snippet likes to attempt dominance with other dogs.  She is typical Chihuahua, in that she likes to lay claim on her person and can show protectiveness. She has personality that is so much bigger than her size and would love nothing more than sharing a dedicated home with someone to adore -- who also adores her!

If interested in Snippet and able to work with her special needs, please email us:



Annie's Orphans - Durango Colorado No-Kill Dog Shelter



Annie's Orphans is a No-Kill dog shelter located in Durango, Colorado which began in 1985 as a home for retired sled dogs. With dogs for adoption in Durango, CO, Annie's Orphans is the oldest No-Kill dog shelter in the Four Corners area.

Even though it started as a home for retired sled dogs, given Anna and Bill Anderson's compassion for animals in distress, this limited scope was quickly revised to become a more "all-inclusive" strategy. The shelter grew rapidly into a full-fledged, all breed rescue and was incorporated as a not-for-profit foundation in 1997. Annie's Orphans now has a maximum capacity of 70 dogs and has become a safe-haven for the abandoned, neglected, and abused pet population throughout the greater Four Corners area. However, due to a high in-flow of rescued dogs, a number of older dogs in residence with considerable health care needs and those that are hard to adopt because of the traumatic lives they have led, the shelter remains at perpetual full-capacity and that is where we need your help!

The goal of Annie's Orphans is to offer abused, discarded and hard to adopt dogs a safe haven until good adoptive homes can be found. Unfortunately, some arrivals have chronic health problems or are too traumatized to adjust easily to a new family. These hard luck stories often find a home for life at Annie's. Food and veterinary care for these long-term residents amount to a larger expense than can be supported through the sale of Black Feather Jewelry and the generous donations from our community. Financial assistance is therefore always needed for the shelter to continue providing a safe home in the mountains. Various supplies and materials are also an ongoing need at our facility. Please see our "wish-list" by accessing the Donate page.

Our hope with this website is to create a simple and user friendly way for you to participate and to stay up to date on the dogs that are up for adoption, scheduled events and information about Annie's Orphans.  This will help us continue to save the world for one dog at a time! Since 1985, the shelter has placed hundreds of dogs in carefully selected forever-homes. Thanks to our community, generous donations and our fantastic volunteers, we continue our mission to rescue, rehab and re-home! 

Please check in regularly, visit our Events page, our Dogs For Adoption page and our Blog to stay involved, remain informed and to help us spread the No-Kill mission for those without a voice of their own! Thank you for your interest and for helping us to change the world -- one dog at a time!

At Annie's, we always have 3 main needs:

  1. Volunteer!
  2. Give!
  3. All leading to the main goal: ADOPT!