Sanctuary Dogs

At Annie's Orphans, one of the most important parts of our mission is that we are a no-kill shelter. Many of the dogs that come to the shelter may be deemed "un-adoptable" because of health issues, behavioral issues or a variety of other conditions which makes it very unlikely that they will ever be adopted or, at the least, makes them very difficult to adopt. At Annie's, these are our "Sanctuary Dogs" and they will always have a safe and caring home as they live out their lives with us!

At Annie's, we can't do it without the support of our community. Please, email us to learn how to sponsor a specific sanctuary dog. Meet some of our Sanctuary Dogs below:



 Strider is a handsome boy: A perfect example of the southeastern Carolina Dog.


Resident   |   Male   |   Adult



Gus is a Malamute mix, who came from an out-of-state shelter and has some behavioral issues and unpredictability in his responses to people.


Resident   |   Male   |   Adult


Missy May

 Missy May is a wary girl, who has little trust in people.  Since her surrender, she has not been able to bond with another individual and is a bite-risk.


Resident   |   Female   |   Adult



 Sky is a great-looking girl with one blue eye.


Resident   |   Female   |   Adult



 Fonzie is a very attractive fellow who was rescued from a New Mexico pound and surrendered to Annie's Orphans.  He is an unpredictable guy, who has attachment difficulties.


Resident   |   Male   |   Adult



Prior to coming here, Dodger lived in a shelter with his best doggy-friend, Annie, and the two were transferred to us when that shelter closed its doors.


Resident   |   Male   |   Senior



 Blue is beautiful and looks like a Husky.  She is part of the litter that included Wild-Thing.


Resident   |   Female   |   Senior



 Dylan is beautiful, but a wild boy for sure.  He was brought in as a stray, with sibling, Joanie.  He suffered from and survived parvo.


Resident   |   Male   |   Adult



 Joanie was a stray pup, brought in with her sibling, Dylan.  She is quite unpredictable in behavior.


Resident   |   Female   |   Adult


Unnamed Dog


Resident   |   Female   |   Adult