Sanctuary Dogs

At Annie's Orphans, one of the most important parts of our mission is that we are a no-kill shelter. Many of the dogs that come to the shelter may be deemed "un-adoptable" because of health issues, behavioral issues or a variety of other conditions which makes it very unlikely that they will ever be adopted or, at the least, makes them very difficult to adopt. At Annie's, these are our "Sanctuary Dogs" and they will always have a safe and caring home as they live out their lives with us!

At Annie's, we can't do it without the support of our community. Please, email us to learn how to sponsor a specific sanctuary dog. Meet some of our Sanctuary Dogs below:



 Thor is a male Husky, about 2 years of age.


Resident   |   Male   |   Adult



 WE HAVE HAD TO PLACE AN INDEFINITE MORATORIUM ON INTAKE OF DOGS THAT ARE KNOWN TO BE UNADOPTABLE (click on title to read more). Recently, there has been a dramatic incre


Resident   |   Female   |   Adult



 Gracie is a Pit Bull received from a Tijuana shelter.  She has been doing well since extensive treatment for Demodex.


Resident   |   Female   |   Adult



 Smokey is a Shar Pei/Greyhound mix.  He is an extremely shy fellow, who was a one-man dog and is a bite-risk. He had a lot of difficulty adjusting to the loss of his companion. 


Resident   |   Male   |   Senior


Bear - Adoption Pending!!!

 Bear came to our facility as an owner surrender after she began behaving aggressively toward another small dog within the home.


Resident   |   Female   |   Young



 Bella was an emergency intake, after biting someone in an act of protectiveness.


Resident   |   Female   |   Adult



 Jules is a 3 year old Boxer/Pit cross.


Resident   |   Female   |   Adult



 Tom is an Australian Kelpie/German Shepherd mix, 7 years of age.  He is dog aggressive and has begun to show aggressive tendencies when being handled and groomed.


Resident   |   Male   |   Adult



 Jewel's story is odd, in that she won't let herself be successfully adopted out.


Resident   |   Female   |   Adult



 Cletus appears to be an Akbash mix, is 6 years old and is an owner surrender.  He is a handsome lad, but very protective of space/territorial.


Resident   |   Male   |   Adult