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This happy little boy is representative of Annie's Orphans' dedication to the foundations that "LIFE MATTERS" and "EVERYONE DESERVES A FAIR CHANCE." This young Carolina Dog mix and his brother were transferred to us a mere two-hours before their brief lives were scheduled to come to an end. Little is known about their back-story, but they were picked up as strays with evidence of physical trauma -- presumably from abuse. The outcome of that, for Murdock, is what appears to be trauma-related brain-injury, with resulting developmental delays and visual "miswiring." Murdock is now one year old and, steadily, as the months pass, we see him evolving, with clear signs of incremental improvement [ex: increased visual tracking ability and less time "watching airplanes" that don't exist (not to us, at least)]! Despite his life-challenges and tough breaks, Murdock is one of the most innocent and happiest beings on earth, which says much about him! He would be best suited for a home that has plenty of love to give and can both accommodate his differences and support his potential. We have reason to believe that Murdock will blossom -- given a supportive environment, with exposure to standard doggy life-tasks, as well as graduated introduction to all types of stimulation. In return, this fellow will delight you daily with his unwavering optimism, his cute antics and his absolute lovability!
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