Courtesy Posting - Penny

Courtesy Posting - Penny
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As a courtesy posting, Penny is not on-site at Annie's Orphans. She is described per information provided to us by the owner: Penny is a spayed, female Great Pyrenees/ Anatolian Shepherd. Her birthdate is 11/2/2006; so she is a senior, but in very healthy condition -- especially for a large breed dog. She has lived with a herd of alpacas and kept the area clear of predators. When I adopted another Anatolian mix to help Penny, everything went well until that new female began to be aggressive toward Penny. Apparently she was becoming the alpha and would no longer put up with Penny as her teacher. Now, Penny is in danger. She has been attacked twice by the new female and treated at the vet's office for bite wounds. She has recovered and is in good condition. Everyone who has ever been in contact with Penny remarks on her sweet disposition. She is kind as well as beautiful. She will go beyond my property boundaries to avoid the new dog, so I have to keep her confined to protect her. Unfortunately my property is enclosed with field fence which does not keep dogs inside. Penny needs a loving home where she has fenced perimeters. She can be indoors without any accidents. She is most comfortable outdoors, but her hair is just growing back from the shave to treat wounds. Penny takes thyroid medication twice a day in a tiny pill that goes into a bit of wet food on top of Victor dry food. Contact: JoAnn at 970-563-0231.
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