Courtesy Posting - Chewy

Courtesy Posting - Chewy
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As a Courtesy Posting, Chewy is not on-site at Annie's Orphans and is described as given: Chewbacca (aka Chewy) is good with other dogs, big and small. He's very interested in cats, but has never been allowed to interact, so it's unknown how he would do with them. He is smart and loves to play ball or any squeaky toy (He eats tennis balls). He knows some commands: sit, lay. It's possible that he has been abused by a man: he is scared of men wearing denim blue welding shirts; but has gotten used to men who are commonly around the house. He is phobic of loud noises, such as shooting guns and fireworks. He will need a secure, fenced yard. For more information, contact Irene at 361-676-6536.
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