WE HAVE HAD TO PLACE AN INDEFINITE MORATORIUM ON INTAKE OF DOGS THAT ARE KNOWN TO BE UNADOPTABLE (click to read more). Recently, there has been a dramatic increase in surrender requests for dogs with severe behavioral issues and, obviously, there will always be far more people wishing to surrender dogs with behavioral problems than those hoping to adopt one.  Any bona fide no-kill shelter will end up with resident-dogs, whether or not that was the conscious design, due to the fact that the decision to rescue does not generally allow time for pre-screening and behavioral assessment, leaving some issues to present themselves later.  As such, sanctuary numbers can rapidly rise, while natural attrition occurs at its own pace; thus, no-kill shelters can easily find themselves at maximum sanctuary capacity (WE ARE THERE). Because few people opt to sponsor sanctuary dogs and even fewer will provide for life-long care for the  dog they wish to place in sanctuary, the need quickly becomes greater than the means, and the math is not sustainable. It's against our nature to say no to dogs in need; yet, as a rescue with limited predictable funding and minimal staff, we don't have the resources to grant further requests for sanctuary.






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