Recently Adopted Dogs

At Annie's Orphans, we are happy to say that we have many "Success Stories" - dogs that have found their forever homes. Below you will find some of our recently adopted dogs. Visit our How to Adopt page and create another success story for one of our many wonderful dogs for adoption!



 Boxer mix; Puppy's pregnant mother was transferred from another shelter prior to being euthanized


Adopted   |   Female   |   Puppy



 Chihuahua; A sick dog taken in from a high-kill, out-of-state shelter and nursed to health


Adopted   |   Male   |   Adult



 Jack Russell Terrier mix; Picked up as a stray


Adopted   |   Female   |   Young



 Carolina Dog; Transfer from in-state rescue


Adopted   |   Female   |   Puppy


Lucy Lu

 Shih Tzu; Transfer from in-state shelter, along with her son, Tank


Adopted   |   Female   |   Adult



 Rat Terrier; Found as a stray living under a restaurant dumpster with two other small dogs; Received via in-state transfer


Adopted   |   Female   |   Young



 Shar Pei/Boxer mix; Pup's pregnant mother was transferred from another shelter prior to euthanasia


Adopted   |   Male   |   Puppy



 Carolina Dog/Australian Kelpie; Stray from local reservation; Sampson was initially not adoptable, due to extreme shyness and fear of people; so, he was with us for quite a while.


Adopted   |   Male   |   Adult



 Sheltie; Owner-surrender, due to life circumstances


Adopted   |   Female   |   Adult



 Yellow Labrador Retriever/Border Collie; Transfer from high-kill, out-of-state shelter


Adopted   |   Male   |   Young