Adopt a senior - Swayze

Adopt a senior - Swayze
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Swayze has a "complex personality" -- He gets very attached to "his" people, LOVES playing with kids and is fun to watch as he entertains himself with his jolly ball and tries to get the attention of visitors with his squeaky toys. He's also good with other dogs. Meanwhile, when bonded with core people, he can become protective of his family and their space and can act suspicious and guarded where strangers are concerned. He would only be a candidate for adoption to the right person: someone who is very dog-savvy and would offer consistent and appropriate training and guidance around Swayze's guarding behaviors. The ideal setting would be a low-bustle, predictable living situation, with few comings and goings of non-core people. Swayze is around 10 years old and has Pemphigus Erythematosus.
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