Podengo Portugueso


You won't find this type of girl anywhere in the Southwest.....or so we thought before she was brought in by someone who found her, pregnant and lost, in north-central New Mexico! She looks to be pure Portuguese Podengo Pequeno (Wire coated), an ancient sight/scent hound originating in (where else but) Portugal. While no testing of this breed-speculation has occurred, we have expert consensus based on appearance alone. This delightful young girl came to our shelter with five small, mixed breed babies in tow. Now that the babies have been weaned for some time, Tango is scheduled for spaying and will be available after healing. She is probably between 1 and 2 years old and is great with children. While playful and engaging with other dogs, she can be a bit pushy with large dogs, so this combination is not preferred. We're guessing she is around 13 lbs. Tango is smart, loving, watchful/observant and will be a wonderful, lifetime companion for the right household!
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