Courtesy Posting - Aspen

Courtesy Posting - Aspen
Aspen is a courtesy posting and, as such, is not on-site and is represented as described to us. Please contact the number at the end of the bio for more info: Aspen, a female Siberian Husky, is approximately 10 years old. She was a rescue from Las Cruces, NM, and has been in Albuquerque with the same family for 9 years. As her current family has had some children, it's become apparent that Aspen is not good around toddlers and will snap at and act aggressively if her tail is touched. Aspen is a high energy dog that loves to go on walks. She would do best in an active family, as an only dog in a household with no small children. Aspen needs a fenced yard and walks on leash. For more information, please call: 505-206-8442.
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