Clancy has returned to our shelter: He was adopted out as a puppy and -- now, three years later -- was returned due to injuring a small dog living nearby. Clancy is believed to be a mix of Shepherd and Carolina Dog, but also looks as if he may have some degree of wolf included in the mix. Due to the reason for his return, there is the question of how he might behave with small dogs, in general; but at our facility, he has seemed receptive. The same receptivity has been true of cats upon initial testing. We will be looking for a home with no small children. Clancy is very friendly and engaging with people and walks great on leash (but is evasive with being leashed-up, a behavioral issue around which he's currently receiving training). He is a beautiful, regal-looking guy of red-sable and white coloration. Clancy is around 5 years old.
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