Golden Retriever


This gorgeous fellow is one big kid! At just under a year old, Scotty has tons of energy and revels in play. He LOVES children and other dogs and is reported to be okay with cats as long as they're nonchalant and don't initiate a chase. This is a very affectionate boy who wants and needs a companion who has lots of time for him, maybe even someone who can take him to work! Because of his activity level and need for stimulation, he would not be suitable for a home where he is left alone daily. A new arrival, Scotty will be scheduled right away to be neutered and will also receive a hip check (A scar on top of Scotty's right back foot leaves a question about what kind of accident occurred, so we want to be sure and check that out). This stunning guy is not expected to be a resident at Annie's for long, so come see him right away!

Adopt a Senior - Cubby! - Adoption Pending!

Adopt a Senior - Cubby! - Adoption Pending!
This beautiful girl is an owner surrender, and we were told that she is 10 years old; however, the vet says she can't be any more than 8 years of age (AND SHE HAS THE CUTE ANTICS OF A 2 YEAR OLD)!! Cubby is a lean and active dog and seems quite healthy, with the exception of pannus (an issue of the cornea) -- for which she is receiving treatment. She is great with other dogs and kids, calm and sweet in temperament, overall an excellent dog. UPDATE: Cubby's issue with pannus has reverted and her vision is worsening, at present. Updates will be given as status changes.
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