with special acknowledgment and deep appreciation to Rocky Mountain Cocker Rescue and to Taz’s new family!

Through no fault of his own, Taz -- an 11-year-old Cocker Spaniel -- first, lost his family-unit, then his life-long home, and the options before him were not the makings of happy endings.  Some advised that his possibilities of being re-homed were limited: a sad paradigm for far too many senior dogs.  Fixed ideas and limiting personality-descriptors further hampered his chances of placement in a loving home. 

Taz was taken directly into foster-care, and his true character was immediately evident.  This active, well-mannered, easy-going dog was an absolute find: solid, resilient, good-natured, game for anything, eager to be accepted and ready to offer love!

A local photographer jumped on task, snapping some appealing photos of Taz and placing posters in select localities.  Upon request, Rocky Mountain Cocker Rescue enthusiastically joined the cause, offering ready and invaluable assistance through sharing efforts in website and Facebook courtesy-listings and a home inspection.  The short story is that, within a day of the cross-posting, the “Just Right” family happened upon Taz’s bio and made prompt contact with the foster.

After the necessary adoption follow-up and the family embarking upon an all-day-each-way trip (another true marker of their commitment to this lucky boy), Taz is now with his forever-fam: a caring and pet-conscious, retired couple and their much-loved male, senior Cocker (who, with no fanfare, readily accepted Taz as a brother).  His new folks offer Taz the best: wide-open arms and warm hearts, experienced care (Cocker Spaniel aficionados, one might say), quality time, a fenced yard to romp in and a balanced home to share!  This is the type of storyline one wishes for EVERY dog out there in need of re-homing!


Looking at this recent photo of Taz with his new brother, one might say he looks pretty satisfied, right?  Taz is truly fortunate to have found a spot within his new family, and his people have come across a seriously great find, as well!