Mother and Child Reunion


They had been separated for nearly 8 months. Ariel, the sweet little Dingo with the seven tiny lives within her that Anna had rescued the day she was to be euthanized had given birth on the full-moon night of June 14, 2011. At 8:21, a multi-colored little male with a distinctive white heart against the Dingo-tan of his back entered this world. Four tan, Dingo-colored pups and two other multi-colored ones became his litter mates that night. All healthy and perfectly formed. “It’s the most handsome litter, including the mother, I’ve ever seen” said Anna. As the weeks passed and the puppies were weaned, admiring perspective “parents” lined up hoping for one of these special dogs. The little fellow with a heart on his back, which by this time had morphed into a more abstract design, was the first to go.

As the weeks passed, the puppy, who became known as Akitzu, the “Dragonfly”, grew rapidly.  At 4 months of age he was as large as his mother, and by 7 months he was twice her size. “What are you feeding this puppy—growth hormones?” was a common question, as was “If his mother is a Dingo, what in the world was his father? The response was always “His Daddy was a Traveling Man”.  At 9 months and 75 pounds, a reunion with his mother seemed overdue. What would happen? How would they react? Would they remember?

Akitzu was in the large playpen at Annie’s when Ariel was brought to the gate. With excitement and interest he ran to check out this “new” dog. When they were within a foot of each other, without hesitation, both he and his mother became very excited, jumping at the fence, appearing anxious to be together again. And when the gate was opened and Aerial entered the pen, the usual sniffing and inspecting wasn’t necessary. They knew.

They immediately took off running side-by-side around the pen, bodies touching in an unmistakable display of happiness. Round and round, stopping now and then to wrestle, then off again until they were both exhausted, then lying down together and nuzzling each other tenderly.

“I’ve never seen such happy dogs.” said Anna, and neither had I. Happiness, joy, tenderness, sadness, fear, and the myriad of other “human” emotions we see in our beloved animals is real. No need to question, doubt, or measure. Our senses and awareness provide the only answer we need. We know, just as Ariel and Akitzu know. We love and are dedicated to our animals just as they love and are dedicated to us. So much to be thankful for.

Akitzu is still growing, and though the heart on his back has changed, the loving and gentle heart inside is still the same, only larger. And Ariel, with the same gentle heart that was passed on to “Dragonfly”, is still at Anna’s, waiting for the right people to share her joy in life with. May this day come soon.