Heartfelt Goodbyes to Cameo

 Cameo's quiet presence is so missed at Annie's Orphans.  Her life was spent here after a tragic beginning.  Cameo always had the look of a being who longed to engage and to put herself out there, but just could not find the way or deep level of trust to do so.  She was a small Coyote mix, standoffish and wary. She liked low-key attention and would very gently take treats from select staff.  She and Bill, in particular, shared a quiet understanding of each other.  Due to formative experiences, as well as her coyote blood, she liked "her space" and had a strong air of reserve: She was the tiny, sole survivor of a "coyote shoot," pulled from the den by a caring person who heard her whimpers and found her tucked behind the dead bodies of her mother and siblings. Cameo lived many years, sharing her sense of dignity and reserve with anyone astute enough to engage in special moments with her. We wish her peaceful passage over the divide.