Annies Adoptee Becomes a Certified Therapy Dog

Meet Juno! Juno was rescued from Annie's Orphans just a few short months ago and has recently become a certified therapy dog! Here's her story from her mom Marina Leith:

"I adopted Juno three months ago from Annie's Orphans. When we went to visit her we brought her into the play pen, and she would run around exploring, before coming back to me and leaning all 35 lbs of her puppy self against me, waiting to be held and showing her affection with closeness. Juno the Annie's Orphans Therapy DogThat's when I knew she could be a therapy dog. 2 months and 6 training sessions with trainer Traci Moriarty later, we were certified as Therapy Dog and Handler. Traci runs a training organization Wag Between Barks located in Durango. We started sessions at our home, working on the very basics of teaching Juno her new name and learning to sit, stay, etc. By the 6th session, 7 weeks later, Juno was able to enter the Nursing Home (Four Corners) and interact with residents while listening to me, completely ignoring distractions, and creating smiles among residents just by being her warm, perpetually positive and fluffy self. Currently, Juno works once a week meeting patients at Open Sky Wilderness Therapy. The rest of the time, when she is not chasing birds in Horse Gulch, she is my therapy dog. I don't know what I would do without her.